Dalen Hobbs



Dalen Hobbs was born in Palestine,Texas in 1982.  He moved to Cooper, Texas in 1997 where he finished high school.  He graduated from both Paris Junior College and Texas A&M University in Commerce.  Dalen currently resides in Paris with his wife and daughter.

Dalen started his stage career at 12 and has been in 68 of the 70 productions he has been involved with.  He worked professionally with the Kentucky Repertory Theater for 2 years before returning to Paris, where he is now heavily involved with The Paris Community Theater.  Oddly enough, with 70 productions spreading over 25 years time, this is only Dalen’s second film.

What’s the film about?

To me, the film examines what a vast majority of people go through, whether it is physical or mental illness that drives them to this point or if it is the decisions they make to get there.

Who is your character?

My character is Death.  He is usually represented by the dark and foreboding but I wanted him to have a little style and snazz.  Death doesn’t always have to be scary.

What was it like working with the other actors and the director?

I had a blast getting to work on a fun project with great friends.  And I even made a new one…Thanks Ron!

Why should people go and see this film?

Even though it is comedic at times, mental illness and instability is not humorous when one is truly afflicted.  Maybe someone will see this film and realize a better solution or way to peace.


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