Mike Pickering

Philip Canton


Mike Pickering was born in Paris, Texas. He attended college at Paris Junior College on a theater scholarship, and Texas A&M Commerce, where he also studied theater. He currently lives in Paris with his wife Ashley, who is also in”The Exit Bag,” and his daughter Savannah.

Mike has appeared in over 65 plays and has directed seven stage productions.  Some of his favorite roles he has been cast in include “Of Mice and Men,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Lonestar,” and “Red, White and Tuna,” to name a few. With his latest theater endeavor, he directed Paris Community Theater’s production of  “Dracula.”

Mike was voted to Who’s Who in American Junior College Theater and nominated for the Irene Ryan Acting Award at the American College Theater Festival.

“The Exit Bag” is his third film.

What’s the film about?

This film is about dealing with loss, change and life continuing on after tragedy.

Who is your character?

Philip is a man who has lived his life for others – working, being a husband and a father. For the first time, he is is doing something with no one but his own interests in mind. I think that anyone who decides to take their own life doesn’t think about those around them, so I don’t agree with his decision. That being said, I have a deep respect for anyone that is going through depression.

What was it like working with the other actors and the director?

I have enjoyed working with this cast and crew. Everyone involved in this movie really worked hard. They all have a love for storytelling and devoted their time to make the project come alive. Working with old friends is always fun.

Why should people go and see this film?

I hope people see the film to be entertained.


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